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Today, employers increasingly make use of social media and internet background screening to understand your reputation and fit for a position.

What will your online presence look like to them?

Now you don’t need to guess.

Are you looking for a job?
Did you recently graduate?

Introducing Social Fingerprint.

Social Fingerprint gives you the same report employers will when they screen your online profile. For each report, Social Fingerprint searches social media and the public internet for information related to you and an SMI specialist reviews the results removing results that do not pertain to you and ensuring accuracy of what is reported. Your report shows the links and locations so that you can view each hit and take action.

Social Fingerprint simplifies and expedites the Social Media search process making it easy, fast, affordable, and it can help keep your resume on the top of the pile. It gives you the same technology employers use to screen job applicants and it gives you the tools to manage your overall online brand and reputation. Finding out what employers see when they search your profiles gives you the edge over the competition.

There are so many instances when hapless employees and applicants have posted negative, malicious, or otherwise unprofessional updates on their profiles, only to suffer the consequence. Take control.

Know what is on your social media pages and where you are highlighted across the internet.

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